Sorry I have been so quiet lately. My life up at Middlewick and Middlewick Farm Shop has become a bit crazy. Trying to keep a lot of balls up in the air during these crazy times. Learning new skills I never knew I needed.

Fortunately I have a great team of volunteers here at the Chamber and they have picked up for me over the last few weeks.

The team have been sharing as much information as they can and have been helping me answer the dozens of emails we are receiving. Please join me in saying thank you to Jo FriendMary-Elizabeth O’Neill, Ann Diment, Leela BunceSomerset Design Studio . They have kept things rolling along fantastically.

We have had a lot of requests coming in from non-members of the Chamber.

We have been helping as much as we can but we would really love for you to now become part of our group. We can only be stronger together and it takes a crisis to bring us closer as businesses.

So what we are going to do is offer every Glastonbury business a free membership. That will be a free membership to run from now until the end of the year.

By joining you will then be put on our mailing list so that we can stay in contact. We can also ask you for feedback and help where we can.

To join head here:

You can also join our Facebook group,

We can’t make too many promises about making things better but we would like to help where we can.

Take care everyone,