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About De Mornay Coaching

I am a calm, methodical and patient coach with a background in adult education, service management and development.

Team Coaching

Organisations who succeed in creating a positive coaching culture can benefit from greater recognition in the market place which can lead to increased attraction and retention of staff, partners, funding, customers and much more.

Team coaching can help to build and develop relationships by providing opportunities for all staff to gain a greater understanding of each other. Team coaching can also help to establish a team, agree ways of working, improve communication, manage conflict, improve performance, and facilitate change and much more. My speciality area is communication and solution focused thinking.

About Life Coaching

Life Coaching focuses on positive expansion and forward movement, providing you with support that can help you to move towards your goals or dreams.

​I specifically enjoy working with people who are at a crossroads in their life wishing to discover or regain a sense of who they really are, who they would like to be, or those who would like to explore and plan a new direction. I enjoy helping people to cope with changes in their lives that can be difficult or challenging.