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Zohar Entertainment Group Ltd
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Zohar Entertainment Group is a newly-formed, creatively outspoken and heart-centredorganisation, working with and on behalf of those who strive to educate, entertain and empower people through various forms of transformational art and media. Founded by Vitaly Safarov, the company operates on a project-to-project basis, by welcoming into its growing environment individuals and organisations that aspire to exercise their creative gifts and skills for a niche, yet exponentially growing audience and market.

We are currently undertaking a number of very exciting community oriented and commercial projects with the help of a team of highly-skilled experts in publishing, scientific, paranormal and mind body spirit fields of discipline, music, sound design, audio & visual media, PR, investment, and web & software development. This array of ambitious projectsreflects Zohar Entertainment Group’s prime mission statement: be successful without a competitive-edge attitude – be creatively unique and commercially ethical.