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The Goddess & The Green Man
Tyna Redpath

We have been trading in the magical Isle of Avalon, in Glastonbury, England for 25 years. (How did that happen?!) What began as a niche market and very much a family affair, has grown into a thriving mainstream business. We all support the ethos of the shop, approaching this from individual tradition and practice. Within the business we all work practically and consciously with the sacred Wheel of the Year which shapes the ebb and flow of stock ranges and displays. What we sell matters to us. Our customers matter to us and we aim for exemplary customer service.

We are proud to be a part of a wonderful community. Over the 25 years we have watched, and been a part of, this extraordinary little market town called Glastonbury which has become a thriving centre of spiritual diversity. Do come.

17 High Street
01458 834697