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Glastonbury Symposium
Glastonbury Symposium
Shelia Martin

The Glastonbury Symposium is one of Britain’s oldest and most acclaimed alternative conferences, where the audience is often as interesting as the speakers!

Held in the environs of the fascinating and varied town of Glastonbury in Somerset, southwest England, the Symposium has grown and evolved enormously since its inauguration at the Blue Note Cafe back in 1990.

Delegates from all over the globe gather annually each summer at the Symposium for this delightful three-day event to hear a wide range of presentations on many subjects from the very best speakers in the ‘new frontiers’ field.

Also there are musical performances to brighten up the day – and there’s Glastonbury too, with its cafes, shops and sacred sites (such as the Abbey, the Tor and the Chalice Well), when a change is needed.

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