The Mystic Garden Gallery

The Mystic Garden Gallery
The Mystic Garden Gallery
John Ravenscroft

Her images can be found as counted cross stitch patterns by Heaven and Earth designs,
figurines, calendars, cards, ceramics and giftware.
Creations from Nemesis Now and Cards with Eastgate resources
just a few of the wonderful things Linda has available to collectors.
Linda has been fortunate enough to be invited to many wonderful faerie and fantasy events
and gatherings all over the world where she has had to opportunity to meet many of her fans
in person and help to inspire the next generation of fantasy artists.

Opening a Gallery in Glastonbury is a dream which Linda and husband John have shared
for quite a while, an oportunity for Linda to have a place where  she can work,
show her art and offer workshops to students, so in 2013 this is what she did.
“The Mystic Garden” was born, named after one of her first published art pieces.

“My inspiration comes from many sources.I rely mostly on my dreams and inner feelings as I have done since I was a child together with my love of nature, and fascination for myths and ancient legends my mind is constantly visualising NEW creations.In my view “Faerie” represents the natural world we live in, and whether you believe or not, they do have a place in our modern day society, in fact their light is needed more now than it ever was before.It’s time to look at this world and our feelings towards our fellow man, and realise what harm we are doing. Most of my images are inspirational and uplifting, offering hope or a thought for the future of this beautiful world we live in.I truly believe that we all have a little bit of Faerie light within our hearts, helping us to make the right decisions in our everyday lives we just have to look for it, and let it SHINE BRIGHTLY in the darkness”!

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The Mystic Garden Gallery